Applicator / Operator / Tailor


  • Knowledge of inspection quality of printed fabric banners and flags
  • Installation of fabric banners of different construction (metal, wood, Solto)
  • Installation of ready-made flag stands or special unipole flags with clamps.


  • Experience in printing on Fabric
  • Experience using Fabric 3.2 printer and calendaring machine.
  • Knowledge of any RIP software, like Caldera.
  • Minimum knowledge of colors
  • Cleaning of machines, care of printing heads.

Sewing Machine Operator / Tailor

  • Analyzing and understanding clients’ needs before starting each embroidery project.
  • Selecting the thread, fabric, hoops, and designs appropriate to each project.
  • Agreeing on a style and fabric stitching with projects or production team
  • Ability to learn new stitching machine and use it properly.
  • Maintain the stitching machine and keep it in good service.

  • Company: One of the reputed company in Qatar
  • No Of Vacation: 10
  • Country: Qatar
Applicator / Operator / Tailor