Our Services includes:

  • Do the necessary documentation and legal process
  • Advertisements
  • Sourcing and Pre-selection
  • Venue selection and dealings
  • Scheduling and arranging interviews
  • Security Arrangements
  • Accommodation arrangement for the interviewers
  • Travel Arrangement for the interviewers
  • Meal Arrangement for Interviewers
  • Maintain close contact with the labor department or ministry of foreign employment
  • Assisting selected candidates for health check up or biometric test if required
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Budget Control
  • Periodic updates throughout the process
  • Providing necessary orientation/induction training to the applicants
  • Do the labor department/immigration formalities for deployment
  • Request for PTA or Air Ticket booking & Manpower deployment

Further Services Include:

  • Legal Advice on recruitment activities from specific countries
  • Provide job Order/Demand Letter content requirements and criteria
  • Attestation Procedure through Local Authorities such as Chamber, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and respected embassies.
  • Receiving the employees from the airport and dropping them to the companies labor camp if necessary.

As your recruitment partner, we will set the foundation and lay all the ground work for you so that your entire focus will be on the interviews only